Up-cycle: Shabby Chic Table

This is my first real furniture painting project. I have read a lot about chalk paint and wanted to give it a try.

But, chalk paint is expensive… So here is a brief review of this chalk paint additive. You simply pour it into a latex or acrylic paint and can create your own chalk paint for a fraction of the price. The single $20 bag is good for an entire gallon of paint. I poured paint into a quart size container and used approximately a half cup.

Chalk paint also typically requires waxing it with furniture wax to seal it. This is also fairly expensive and has to be redone regularly. Not to mention the amount of time it takes.

Here is the paint and the sealer I chose.  I read a review about using the Polycrylic, and it worked like a charm!

And here is my little helper… Ollie goes crazy over paint brushes, brooms, and my hair.

sidekick on the projectChalk paint doesn’t require sanding, which is absolutely the best part!

In just a couple hours, I had these two beautiful tables.

Here is the before… A $15 dollar table from a garage sale.



I bought crystal knobs from home depot. After applying the paint I lightly sanded the surface to give it a slightly rustic look. One blog I read said you should rub it with a wet towel. When I did that it tore chunks of the paint right off, and I had to repaint the top of that table.

After sanding I did a coat of the Polycrylic finish.

And my new helper, Oliver “Ollie” Twist, loves it too! He slept on it all night, and enjoyed exploring it. So since every picture is better with an 8 week old kitten, here is one.




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