First Post…She Believed She Could

Why is this my first post?

First, I love this quote. It is so simple, but I think it is true. If you believe you can do something, no matter how crazy, you can.

This phrase is also what helped inspire the name of the blog. I want to create a blog that embodies both strength and an adventurous spirit, a belief that you can do anything if you just “go” or “believe.” That is what I am doing here in Boulder. I moved here without a job… just a goal. And as of now I still have no job, so feel free to contact me with any offers! ūüôā

While I originally thought I would move here and make my second attempt at starting a company, I am choosing to find a job at a startup  in operations or marketing to gain  more experience. The goal is to learn and grow my network so that when it is time to start that company that changes the world, I will be ready.

In the past year, I graduated from school, turned down the corporate opportunity, and moved across the country. I went. I¬†believed that I could. The intention¬†of my¬†blog is not to ¬†the stories in my life, but to inspire other women to follow their dreams… So she goes… To believe that she can do anything if she tries.

I am 22 years old and probably still naive about the way life works. I am definitely a idealist that believes wholeheartedly in mankind’s potential to do great things. At the same time I am also realistic about the privileges bestowed upon me to make this adventure possible, so I also strive to be grateful and humble in this journey to make it in the male dominated tech industry. And even though this blog is intended to have professional themes and posts,¬†I am not sacrificing my

So many lifestyle blogs and personal blogs that I follow are those of mothers and wives who live a life¬†I don’t connect with yet. I¬†want to have a blog where we can empower each other to chase dreams¬†during this independent stage in life. I ¬†To believe we can and to do it.¬†Just go.¬†Follow your instinct, your gut, your heart, or whatever its leading you and TRY. So she goes because she can. Because she believes in herself and her potential to change the world.


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