Wait, what?! You moved where?

Today marks the two weeks since I moved to Kuala Lumpur!

When I started telling people that is where I would be going next, the typical response was, “Wait, what?? You are moving there?”

And yes, I have moved here! I have a year long lease for an apartment near the city center with new roommates I found on Facebook. I knew one person before moving here.

The days leading up to the move, I was more stressed and nervous than before any other big trip. Backpacking in Europe junior year? I was too overwhelmed with excitement at my first big trip on my own to even notice the nerves. Moving to Colorado right after graduation? No problem – I had my college boyfriend along for that 24 hour long drive to the beautiful rocky mountains. Last year’s backpacking trip last year to SE Asia? Once again, it was all excitement! I knew how easy it is to meet people at hostels and how many other people travel solo from my summer backpacking in Europe. Plus, I had a best friend for the first month of travel!

Moving to Kuala Lumpur though… I had never been so stressed. The total travel time was 30 hours from Atlanta to Kuala Lumpur. During those 30 hours I kept worrying about things like “what if it isn’t actually a Visa on Arrival and I don’t get in the country?!?” or “What if my apartment has rats!?” and “WHY AM I MOVING HERE?!”

That last question was the big one…

I had never been to Kuala Lumpur. I wasn’t moving for a job. I wasn’t moving for friends.

The simple answer for why I was moving to KL was for the adventure.

Senior year of college I read Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Work Week. I thought he sounded like a pretentious liar. Like I was supposed to believe that he was living the dream outsourcing work and using virtual assistants to sell some kind of nutritional supplement? Hah!

But, the more I read about it and started hearing the buzzword “digital nomad”, I became really intrigued by the idea of being able to work remotely on the other side of the world building my own company.


Last year while backpacking, I’d say I was a 20% “Digital Nomad” and an 80% backpacker. I was freelance writing and taking a variety of marketing, design, and web development courses online, but work wasn’t the priority.

In KL, I have joined a co-working space, work with multiple clients as a growth marketer, and learning more than ever before. During the first two weeks I have taken ZERO pictures. I have sent the occasional snapchats, but it is already completely different than last year’s backpacking trip. I haven’t been to any of the main attractions here yet. Instead, I am meeting other expats on the weekend at birthday parties and lazy Sunday’s by the pool.

I am making the resolution to average one blog per week, but I don’t want this to be a travel blog. It has never had that intention. This is simply a space to share the experiences of moving to a new place, exploring the startup community, and launching a location-independent business. I am excited to share this experience with you — thank you for taking the time to join me on it!



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