Boulder Brewery Bike Tour

Total milage: 10 miles

Total fun: 1 billion units of FUN!

And here is the GoogleMaps route!

*** Note about the map: Eventually GoogleMaps wouldn’t allow me to make any more changes to the route… so it is a very rough outline of a route through Boulder. But it does include Boulder bike paths! Yay! 🙂

Order of Breweries:

1. Boulder Beer

2. Sanitas Brewing Company

3. Twisted Pine

4. Upslope

5. Wild Woods

6. BRU

7. Fate

8. Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery

9. Walnut Brewery


BONUS BREWERY: If you are like us and live in South Boulder, you can end your day at Southern Sun. Since Mountain Sun is already on the list and they are apart of the same family, we didn’t make it an ‘official’ brewery on the list. Here is the 3.3 mile bike route from Walnut Brewery to Southern Sun so you can round it out to 10 breweries in a single day!

LEGAL NOTE: DUIs are a legitimate thing on a bike in Boulder, CO. So share a small flight of 3 or 4 sample-sized beers with your Boulder Brewery Bike Tour Buddy!

FYI: There are a some that are closed on Sundays (last time I checked Wild Woods and Boulder Beer are both closed on Sundays) so consider that when planning.

 My Boulder Bike Tour

It was a beautiful spring day! And this wonderful man below took me on a fabulous date.

Picture of my date and the creator of the boulder brewery bike tour

I have to confess, we didn’t do this exact route. We started at Sanitas and ended at Fate. While it wouldn’t have been too tough to go toward Pearl Street to go to Mountain Sun and Walnut Brewery, I have been to both places a lot since working on Pearl Street. Plus, we spent a good amount of time at Sanitas (my top choice for a great atmosphere), so we were crunched for time to make it to all 9. When you get hungry, I recommend the tacos at Sanitas. They are amazing!

My other favorite place for food (and my favorite happy hour!) is BRU. They have great small plates for happy hour, so try to time it so you are at BRU around 5:00.

Overall the beer at each brewery is great! Boulder, Colorado does not disappoint when it comes to great brews.

We had an amazing day biking around Boulder and sipping beers from our favorite breweries.  We decided it needed to become a ‘thing’. Since I needed little projects to practice design and Adobe Illustrator skills, I decided to make the map!

Then we decided to do a Boulder Brewery Bike Tour AGAIN! With friends!

pictures of our brewery tour with friends BoulderBrews



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