So She Goes…A name intended to embody an adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit.

Here is a little context about me //  I started my own startup while I was a junior at the University of Georgia. In short: it didn’t work out... but, what does everyone say about failure?? Oh, thats right! “I learned a lot!”

I moved to Colorado immediately after graduation. I missed my walking ceremony to go to Boulder Startup Week.  I worked for a tech startup doing event management and operations. What did I learn from that experience? Startups grow, but that doesn’t mean they are going to grow with them. The experience also led me down the road of feminism and empowering women in technology, because what is that other thing everyone in the tech scene always says?? Oh, that’s right! “It is a tough industry for women.”

So, I packed my backpack and began to explore the world.

I love to hear stories of female entrepreneurship and female success in the tech industry, so a focus of this blog is on empowering women to achieve all that they are capable of doing. Everything from traveling to startup success to maintaining a well-balanced life.

I love hiking, biking, skiing, DIY projects, reading, meditation, and photography. Here is the blog that is the mashup of my life:  adventures in Colorado, DIY/design projects, startup stories, travel and my perspective on what it takes to make a dream happen.

I hope you will join in on this adventure with me!! Follow me on Instagram for photo updates @rebeccaacharlotte and sometimes I go tweet tweet @rebeccacbowden.

Here I am (on the left) exploring a town in Cambodia by boat.



Rebecca Bowden

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