3 Days in Bangkok

The first city of our trip in Thailand was Bangkok. I have only a few pictures worth posting because I honestly we didn’t see much that I wanted to capture.

I was in Bangkok for a total of 3 days, and I can easily sum up those three days in 3 words.

Sweaty, Smelly, and Lost.

This was my first lesson in rather or not one should plan their trip. We didn’t have any plans for travel in Bangkok. while backpacking in Europe, I would find the central station go there, and explore that area of the city. There was always something to stumble upon, and on the first day of travel I love getting to know the city by wandering through it.

This does not work in Bangkok. First of all, we tried to go to a big green area on the map labeled “palace”. Next to it there appeared to be a garden. This wasn’t the center. The tourist center is really located along the river. We were wandering down a hot 6 lane road toward a palace that had high walls and security guards.

Second, you can’t really wander around because it is so hot. I knew that I would be in a tropical climate, but I was unprepared for this heat. I am from Georgia so I thought I would be ready for it, but nothing is like the heat here. I was drenched in sweat everyday. I had no appetite until nighttime or once I was in an air conditioned building. The heat made the stench everywhere so much worse. It is dirty city, with garbage scattered across street corners and the smell of rotting fish in market areas. My last day I frequently felt dizzy and nauseous. I stopped eating anything risky, but in the end I think it was the heat. no matter how much water I drank, I felt light headed until I was at last in air conditioning.

It is a big city. Going anywhere takes a while. And while the taxi cabs are cheap, the traffic is awful so you get places much faster by taking the Sky Train or Underground. It is certainly too hot to walk anywhere.

Bangkok wasn’t, however, a bad experience. Many people go there for the nightlife. We went out on Koh Song Road one night, and even on a Tuesday it was lively.

The highlight for me was the food. You have an amazing blend of food from across the world here, and exotic street food to choose from too. I refused to eat the scorpion, but a cart full of maggots, spiders, roaches, and scorpions wee definitely the most exotic food I saw.

Bangkok is one of the cheapest places to fly to in south east Asia from abroad, so it will be on most backpackers’ itinerary. I just wanted make your stay there too long. Three days was more than enough for me!


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